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Health Care

Streamline your communication across all the stages of healthcare and improve user experience. Enable personalized experiences at scale with the leading engagement platform for healthcare and life sciences. Pingbix helps you build and quickly deploy trusted, HIPAA-eligible communications solutions that put people first – all built upon your existing infrastructure.

Cloud-based contact center

3 in 4 people say they want more personalized healthcare. Pingbix allows you to build cloud-based contact centers for  healthcare and life sciences. Empower agents and care teams with relevant patient data for personalized support at scale that reduces costs and handling times.

Enable support from any device using one cloud-based, programmable platform.

Support agents with comprehensive patient data, custom-built applications, and automations.

Let patients pay bills over the phone or in self serve flows.


Omnichannel care management

An estimated 90% of US Healthcare spend goes to manage chronic conditions. Pingbix helps you scale tailored care aacross a diversity of channels and populations with automated workflows and relevant data, for consistent experiences with a personal touch.

Explore resources and innovative solutions

Health organizations trust Pingbix to deliver seamless omnichannel communications, plus the resources to accelerate your shift to the cloud. 

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • HIPPA-eligible offerings
  • Reliable, secure platform
  • Customizable solutions
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