Leverage our omni channel platform and stay relevant in your educational community

Admission Confirmation

Keep the students updated on the status of their enrollment application via voice and messaging channels. Send automated updates to the registered mobile number whenever their application status changes.

Student Support

Enable your students to connect with your staff members almost instantaneously via chat and voice channels and help them resolve all their concerns instantly.

Parents Engagement

Update parents about upcoming events, class schedules, parent-teacher meetings, and time-sensitive information via broadcast messages.

E-Learning Enhancement

Extend the learning experience beyond the classroom walls. With audio calls, video calls, and chat capabilities, teachers can connect their students with people, places, and events in a dynamic and interactional manner.

Student Satisfaction Survey

Automate the feedback process by sending survey links to your students, asking for feedback about your instituteโ€™s service, and gauge their level of satisfaction.

General School Reminders

Remind students of projects, deadlines on assignments, book returns, annual fee payment, exam dates, and other vital events via multiple channels.

Allow your students and faculty members to connect and collaborate on their preferred channels

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