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About Us

At Pingbix, we're more than just a CPAAS provider—we're your steadfast companion in the realm of communication. We believe in fostering genuine connections, making business interactions as heartfelt and natural as chatting with a friend. Our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to simplify global communication, ensuring every interaction is a seamless and delightful experience.


With our versatile toolkit of APIs and omnichannel platform, we offer a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. Whether it's SMS, WhatsApp Business API, email, or voice communication, we've got you covered. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to integration. We seamlessly weave our platform into industry-leading solutions like Shopify, Zoho, and Hubspot, enhancing your communication ecosystem and surpassing your expectations. Trust Pingbix to bring warmth and connectivity to every interaction, making your communication journey truly exceptional.

Our Journey


The company was established as Colortext Digital Solutions Private Limited on April 16, 2018, starting as a core messaging brand.


In 2019, Colortext started providing SMPP protocol to its customers.


The company name was rebranded to Pingbix in October 2020. We shifted our vision from a A-P messaging company to become a CPAAS company.


Pingbix started building plugins in collaboration with well know platforms like Pabbly, HubSpot, Moengage, CleverTap, Leadsquared, WebEngage etc.


Pingbix became an omnichannel platform by adding official WhatsApp Business API services and live agent along with its core messaging services. Pingbix also won the Silicon India StartUp City Spotlight in August 2022.


Pingbix rolled out their Email and IVR services to cement itself as a unstoppable player in the CPAAS industry. Pingbix also became a Microsoft partner and Meta Tech partner.


Pingbix started providing its customers with International sms as well RCS service and became an emerging global player in the CPAAS industry.

Our Vision

Pingbix is for customer delight, which gives it strength and motivation to work more closely with every client

Our Mission

Pingbix strives to continuously build platforms that automate customer support tasks and helps companies deliver delightful experiences to their customers across multiple channels.

Our Belief

Pingbix believes that innovation is the only key to growth, and the amount of hard work and dedication required to help businesses in customer acquisition and engagement is reflected in the success of their clients

News and Media

Recognized by Siliconindia Startup City Spotlight August 2022!

Discover the pinnacle of technological innovation as Pingbix proudly announces its recognition by Siliconindia Startup City Spotlight in August 2022. As a trailblazer in the realm of communication solutions, Pingbix stands tall, acknowledged for its cutting-edge SMS services. This accolade solidifies Pingbix's commitment to excellence and innovation. Join us on a journey where seamless communication meets unparalleled recognition. Experience the power of Pingbix – where the future of messaging technology is celebrated on the prestigious Siliconindia platform. Elevate your business with a recognized leader, and let Pingbix redefine the way you communicate!

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