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Deliver An Exceptional Email Experience

Empower your customer connections with Pingbix's customizable email notifications and email marketing campaigns. From seamless verification to responsive support, elevate your communication game effortlessly. Pingbix – where customization meets impact.

Benifits of Email Marketing

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deliverability rate for customers like Nextdoor
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Built with Developers and Non-Developers in Mind

No-Code Setup

Say goodbye to coding challenges! Our intuitive user interface comes to the rescue, making email setup and management a breeze for non-developers. Navigate effortlessly and set up your email campaigns seamlessly with Pingbix.

Communication Fallback

Ensure your message is heard loud and clear. Pair your emails with SMS or WhatsApp APIs for a comprehensive communication strategy. With Pingbix, reach your customers across multiple channels and guarantee effective communication.

High Deliverability

Trust in Pingbix to deliver your messages reliably. Our robust infrastructure handles thousands of emails per second, achieving an impressive 96% delivery rate to customer inboxes. Rest easy knowing that your messages are reaching your audience promptly and consistently.

Industry-Leading Deliverability Rates

Maximize your reach with Pingbix's industry-leading 96% average inboxing rate. We specialize in ensuring your messages land in the right place, at the right time, for maximum impact.

  • Pingbix offers modern UIs and top-tier APIs for marketers and developers.
  • Control your email campaigns efficiently with user-friendly tools.
  • Access comprehensive analytics for a complete view of email performance.
  • Make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and achieve better results.

Tailored User Experience

Customize your website content for each visitor based on their individual interests, preferences, and behavior. Pingbix ensures that every interaction feels uniquely crafted for the user, enhancing their overall experience.

Seamlessly integrate Pingbix for quick and easy implementation into your website.

Connect effortlessly through our user-friendly interface, enabling hassle-free customization without a steep learning curve.

Tailor the integration to your specific needs using Pingbix's flexible API, achieving a personalized website experience without compromising efficiency.

Engage visitors dynamically in real-time, adapting your website's content on the fly for the most relevant information at any given moment.

Leverage user behavior data with Pingbix to deliver content aligned with preferences, creating a tailor-made website experience for every individual.

In-House Deliverability Excellence

At Pingbix, we understand the critical importance of effective email communication. Our dedicated team of in-house deliverability experts at Pingbix ensures that your emails consistently reach their intended recipients with high deliverability standards across all major Email Service Providers (ESPs).

  • Backed by Data Scientists
  • Proactive Approach to Deliverability
  • Empowering Your Email Campaigns
  • Custom Email Strategies for Business Goals
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