Email API

Deliver An Exceptional Email Experience

Email is the backbone of your customer engagement. The Pingbix Email API gives you the flexibility to turn your ideas into reality, and the support to scale them into production.
Engage with your customers through programmable email notifications for verification, authentication, support, updates and more.


Built with Developers and Non-developers in Mind


No-Code Setup

Miles between you and coding? Our intuitive UI is here to the rescue. Suitable for non-developers.


Communication Fallback

Couple email with SMS or WhatsApp APIs to ensure your message is conveyed to your customers.


High Deliverability

We handle thousands of emails per second with 96% of sent emails reaching customer inboxes.

Whether you’re sending 100 emails or 100 billion—it just works

0 billion
emails sent each month
0 Seconds
median email delivery speed
0 %
deliverability rate for customers like Nextdoor
0 %
for nines uptime SLA

Send confidently with Pingbix Email API

Get all your email delivered in seconds and without interruption. Our flexible Email API and proprietary Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), intuitive console, powerful features, and email experts make it easy.


Send OTPs through email, SMS, WhatsApp, or voice call! One channel or many? The choice is yours.

Design intuitive communications flows

Build communication flows in minutes with our drag-and-drop interface and delight your customers to keep them coming back.

Full Control Over Your Email Communication

Encrypted Communication

With DomainKeys, mails will reach your customers as sent.

Customizable Templates

Set predefined templates to deliver based on trigger events.

Delivery Analytics

Track email status like sent, delivered, bounced, opens, and clicks.

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