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Unlock the Power of Pingbix- Your Dynamic API-Driven Hub for Tailored Client Engagement, featuring Personalized Messages, Chatbots, Programmable Voice Solutions, and Beyond!

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Pingbix is a centralized messaging platform to engage customers across their preferred channels.

5000+ businesses trust Pingbix to Sell & Engage better with their customers

We provide solutions that enable them to predict future trends.



Ensure timely and secure delivery of transactional messages, OTPs, and promotions directly to your customers’ mobile phones. Eliminate campaign delays with our advanced scheduler.

WhatsApp Business API

Engage with your customers seamlessly through the most popular instant messaging app, while effortlessly sharing multimedia attachments for a richer interaction.


Connect with your customers through personalised emails to maximise your outreach and engagement.


Enhance your app, platform, or website with seamless IVR, Click-to-Call, call forwarding, crystal-clear call recording, and secure call masking capabilities.


Enhance your app, platform, or website with seamless IVR, Click-to-Call, call forwarding, crystal-clear call recording, and secure call masking capabilities.


Augment your customer engagement with AI-powered chatbots for seamless and scalable interactions.


Elevate your messaging game with our SMPP solution: rock-solid reliability, turbocharged efficiency, and effortless scalability. Enjoy advanced features, from delivery reports to seamless integration, supercharging your messaging strategy for any scale. Plus, our developer-friendly tools and comprehensive documentation make it a breeze for your team.


Transform your cross-channel automation dreams into reality, effortlessly, within minutes. Craft dynamic, multi-channel communication flows with our intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor, or jumpstart your creativity with our library of ready-to-use templates. Unleash the power of flow builder and redefine your customer engagement experience.


Elevate your workflow by harnessing Pingbix’s versatile programmable communication API. Our integration prowess seamlessly connects with top-tier helpdesk software, e-commerce platforms, CRMs, and marketing tools. We’ve handled the coding complexities, so you can focus on what truly matters.

What our customers say

We pay about 40% less for SMS, Pingbix has given us the industry's most advance direct communication tool.OTP services are really failed proof we used to get 2% failure rate, now it's improved drastically.
Santu Dey
VP Product- SB NRI
I like most about Pingbix is the Timely support & fast integration: Their API integration was smooth, my team was facing issues related to template, I contacted customer service and the response was quick. They gave a proper template format to call the API.Their customer first priority is unmatchable.
Prakash Bajpai
VP Engineering- Fashinza
"We have been working with Pingbix for the past year, and I cannot recommend them enough. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive, always going above and beyond to ensure our needs are met. They have helped us streamline our processes and improve our bottom line, and I am grateful for their expertise and dedication.
Sandeep Singh
Unacademy- Category Management | Growth| Business Strategy

Our unwavering reliability ensures that you’ll seldom require assistance, but rest assured, our support team is readily available should you need it.



We provide top-tier, enterprise-grade security solutions tailored for clients operating within highly-regulated sectors.


Our cutting-edge technology empowers you to effortlessly scale up any communication channel, unrestricted by conventional limits.

Can I send Images/ Videos in my WhatsApp Promotions?

Yes, you can send all kind of medias - Images/ Videos or Documents via WhatsApp Business API.

Can my customers reply on WhatsApp?

Yes, they can reply to you just like they message to anyone else using their WhatsApp.

Will I be able to see the chats & reply to them?

Yes, You can use our dashboard to view messages and chat with them. You have to reply within 24 hour of user's last message. After that you will have to send pre-approved template message asking them to message you in case they need still need any help.

Can my team members login from multiple devices?

Yes, multiple members can access Pingbix panel from multiple devices and send/receive messages.

How much time does it take to setup everything?

It will take 1-2 days to get your account ready to run promotional campaigns. If requires your Facebook business manager verified. If it is not, it will take another 2-3 days to get it verified.

Can I apply for Green Tick?

Yes, once your number has some usage, you can apply for the Green Tick.

Can it integrate with my other business tools?

Yes, you can integrate Pingbix with your other business tools.

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Can I send Promotional Campaigns on WhatsApp via API?​

Yes, you can send promotional messages to your audience who have opted in to receive promotional campaigns from your brand on WhatsApp.

Is there a limit on number of messages I can send?

Yes, your account starts with a limit 1000/messages per day. If you consume at least 50% of the limit regularly then within a week your limit is upgraded to 10,000 and then 1L messages/day.

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