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  • Create a request/get HTTP file to receive DLR data.
  • Once the script is ready, then login to your account. Go to Sidebar Menu â¾ Webhook.
  • On the page, Click on Add. On the add page:
  • Select the product from the drop-down.
  • Select the Server Method. This method will be used when we push real-time DLR.
  • Webhook (URL Endpoint) — Add your URL end point.
  • Parameter Placeholders:
    TransactionId, MessageId, ErrorCode, DoneDate, ReceivedTime, Mobile
  • Once Saved, the system will forward the real-time DLR to your script instantly as soon as we get reports from the operator.
  • Your Final URL Example as below for GET server method:
    http://www.example.com/fetch_dlr?tId={TransactionId}&msgId={MessageId}&errorCode={ ErrorCode}&doneTime={DoneDate}&receivedTime={ReceivedTime}&mobile= {Mobile}

The response URL consists of details of response such as
the sent phone number, the delivered time when SMS got
delivered, transaction ID, message-id, error code and sent
time. Thus, for any sent SMS, phone number 919xxxxxxxxxx,
and message HelloWorld, the server posts the following
data to your set URL script:

When you do not want to receive DLR, you can head
back to the manage page and Click on Delete
button to delete and system won't forward DLR thereafter.


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