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Conversation Response Configuration

You can call this as a bot. Set your automatic responses for multiple keywords initiated by user. Think of a keyword which your user might send to you, add that keyword, set a response message and forget it permanently. Our system will handle the rest and sends automatic replies to the user.

What is Conversation Response Configuration?

User might have doubts based on your sent message, he might send in a message to ask you something. You will not be available 24 hours to instantly reply to the customer. You just have to think possible words and add it in this section.

You can set conversation responses for each WABA number.

NOTE: If any keyword is not set, then default message from Default Response Configuration will be sent.

Adding your Conversation Configuration

                                                                               To set the above configuration, go to Add Conversation Response:

  • WABA Number:Select your preferred WABA number.
  • Response Keywords: You can add multiple keywords so that when user sends the message, system will match the keyword and sends out the set message.
  • Response Message Type: Select what kind of reply to be sent. As soon as you select your preferred message type, then fields will appear based on your message type selection. Fill the required fields.
  • Response Message Webhook: (Optional) You can set a webhook to receive responses at your API endpoint.

Setting up Keywords with System's Default Placeholder

At times, recipients can send responses with image, video, audio, document, contact, sticker or location, you cannot add keywords for such responses. So, we have given you a placeholder to add our system default placeholder for such responses as following.

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