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Never Miss a Dose: How SMS Help You Stay on Top of Your Medication

On April 15, 2024

Author - Anusha Saggurthi

Enhance patient care with SMS! See how SMS can revolutionize medication adherence.

Did you know? According to the National Library of Medicine, up to 50% of patients who take medicine find it difficult to follow their doctor’s recommendations.

Before diving into the blog, let us first examine the importance of medication adherence. Research has demonstrated that prescription non-adherence can worsen medical conditions, increase the risk of hospitalization, and raise the expense of healthcare. Healthcare practitioners can enhance patient outcomes and effectively manage chronic illnesses by making sure patients follow their prescribed drug schedules.

In this blog post, let’s learn the vital role of medication adherence and how SMS solutions can revolutionize patient care.

Leveraging SMS Solutions for Seamless Medication Adherence

In the health and wellness sector, being a healthcare company your job is to ensure your patients’ well-being. Despite the challenges you may occasionally have in keeping your patients on track, messaging can be helpful. Due to their hectic schedules filled with work, family, and personal obligations, your patients may miss important visits or forget to take their medications. Serious health problems and significant costs for the patient, the healthcare practitioner, and insurance companies can result from missing appointments or not taking prescription drugs as directed. Fortunately, you can reach a wider audience and help patients stay on track with a simple sms solution.

Short and simple SMS messaging has been proven in scientific research to reduce the rate of drug delays from 85% to 19%, according to Science Direct. To address this need, 1mg can partner with Pingbix, leveraging SMS CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) services to ensure seamless medication adherence and patient care.

1mg: Transforming the Pharmacy Experience

One of the first online pharmacies, 1mg provides a large selection of prescription drugs and medical supplies that are shipped right to the customers’ homes. Patients can now get their prescriptions and follow their treatment programs more easily than ever because of 1mg’s user-friendly platform and convenient delivery options.

Pingbix: Empowering Communication with CPaaS Solutions

Pingbix is an expert in CPaaS solutions, giving companies the tools and assets required to improve customer interactions. Pingbix’s CPaaS platform provides an extensive range of communication options tailored to enhance engagement and provide favorable results, including WhatsApp business API, chatbots, and SMS and email reminders.

Benefits of SMS CPaaS for Medication Adherence

Through the partnership with Pingbix, 1mg is able to further enhance its customers’ medication adherence by utilizing the power of SMS CPaaS services. 1mg makes sure that patients never forget to take their prescribed prescriptions on time by sending them tailored SMS reminders straight to their phones.

Here are some benefits of leveraging SMS CPaaS services for medication adherence –

  • Convenience: Patients can easily remember to take their meds because SMS reminders are sent straight to their cell phones.
  • Personalization: To make sure that reminders are appropriate and efficient, SMS messages can be customized to each patient’s unique prescription schedule and preferences.
  • Accessibility: SMS reminders are accessible to patients of all ages and backgrounds, making them an inclusive solution for improving medication adherence.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: SMS CPaaS services offer a cost-effective way to improve medication adherence compared to other adherence interventions, such as in-person counseling or electronic monitoring devices.

The Bottom Line

1mg and Pingbix can collaborate in transforming medicine adherence by utilizing SMS CPaaS services. 1mg can guarantee that patients adhere to their prescription schedules by utilizing cutting-edge communication technologies, which improves overall patient care and health outcomes. There are countless opportunities to increase drug adherence as technology develops, and 1mg and Pingbix are paving the road for a healthy future.

Despite their busy schedules, the majority of your patients check their phones more than ninety times a day. You can take advantage of this by using SMS to send important medical reminders and information directly to their phones.

Are you prepared to implement messaging for both your patients and staff? Click here to get started with Pingbix!

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