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BHIVE integrates Pingbix WhatsApp Business API into its communication

On Jan 23, 2024

Author - Nishant sinha

Integration with Pingbix WhatsApp Business API

Background: BHIVE Workspace, established in 2014, is the largest coworking space chain in India, with a presence in 25+ key locations in Bangalore. The organization has recently expanded into the fintech sector with Bhive Alts, offering retail investors access to alternative investments. To enhance engagement and communication with its community and investors, BHIVE has decided to leverage the Pingbix WhatsApp Business API for personalized messaging campaigns.


Enhanced Engagement: BHIVE aims to strengthen its relationship with its coworking community and investors through targeted and personalized communication.

Effective Campaigns: The organization seeks to run marketing campaigns efficiently by leveraging WhatsApp as a direct and interactive communication channel.

Investor Outreach: Bhive Alts aims to keep retail investors informed about alternative investment opportunities and market updates.


1. Integration with Pingbix WhatsApp Business API:

BHIVE integrates Pingbix WhatsApp Business API into its communication infrastructure, enabling seamless communication with its community and investors.

2. Cohesive Data Management:

Utilizing Pingbix’s API, BHIVE integrates its customer relationship management (CRM) system to segment and manage contacts effectively.

3. Personalized Messaging Campaigns:

BHIVE utilizes the API to send personalized messages to its coworking community, updating them on events, promotions, and new workspace launches.

For Bhive Alts, personalized investment insights, market trends, and exclusive alternative investment opportunities are communicated to retail investors.

4. Two-way Communication:

Utilizing Pingbix’s API capabilities, BHIVE facilitates two-way communication, allowing members and investors to engage directly through WhatsApp, addressing queries and concerns promptly.

5. Automated Updates:

Automate notifications and updates for coworking members about workspace amenities, events, and community activities.

Regularly update Bhive Alts investors on market trends, investment performance, and new opportunities.


Increased Engagement: The personalized approach through WhatsApp enhances member and investor engagement, fostering a sense of community.

Efficient Communication: Using Pingbix’s API streamlines communication processes, ensuring that important information reaches the right audience promptly.

Improved Investor Relations: Bhive Alts strengthens its relationship with retail investors by providing timely and personalized updates on alternative investment opportunities.

Brand Loyalty: The direct and interactive nature of WhatsApp communication builds trust and loyalty among BHIVE’s coworking community and investors.

Future Steps:

Continuously analyze user engagement metrics to optimize messaging strategies.

Explore additional features of the Pingbix WhatsApp Business API for more advanced and interactive campaigns.

By leveraging the Pingbix WhatsApp Business API, BHIVE Workspace successfully enhances its communication strategy, creating a more connected and engaged coworking community while providing valuable insights and updates to its investors through Bhive Alts.

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