The platform offers APIs that simplify the integration of communications capabilities SMSEmailWhatsApp BusinessGoogle Verified SMS, VoiceMessaging and many more.

Broadcast Promotional Messages (Officially)

Well, WhatsApp recently allowed Businesses to Broadcast and Automate Promotional Messages via Whatsapp Business API

You can Now Send Exciting Offers, Discount Coupon Code and Festival Wishes without getting your Number blocked!

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Pingbix’s Makes SMS more friendly for business text messages received on Android by displaying your brand and authenticating that the message was sent by you.



Pingbix offers an array of intelligently designed applications that adapt to the requirements of enterprises. Our voice messaging services include Outbound Dialing, Inbound Dialing, Missed Call and Voice OTP.


Proper email communication can save time, give guidance, show competency and establish areputation for a person or business.




The WhatsApp for Business API and Pingbix’s integrations can sync your customer database to pull the user’s name, location and last conversation history to personalise the messages for every customer.

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At Pingbix, we partner with leading global enterprises and local start-ups, enriching their engagement with customers through our business communications platform.


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We understand your business and can make every customer touchpoint conversational across marketing, commerce, and support.

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