Pingbix is the leading business communication platform that enables the business to grow through an omnichannel platform with SMS and WABA, which can process millions of data in seconds. They have focused on WhatsApp for business API and SMS services from inception and have added new services like different plugins in kart like Hub-Spot, Zapier, Shopify, and more. Pingbix offers an array of intelligently designed applications that adapt to the requirements of enterprises. Users can connect with brands with one action and get the desired information. The company has made the platform talk to the users with a single click at a minimal cost. They also deal in voice-based products like IVR, OBD, and email.

Djt Retailers Pvt Ltd. Started its journey in 2017 with a mission of releasing a billion dreams, with an aim to serve our Indian Nation of about 1.3 billion people and we wanted to serve each and every member of the society and our community.


Djt group today stands tall as one of the fastest emerging key players in the Indian Customer oriented landscape.


DJT wanted an automated conversational solution for product and service-related inquiries


WhatsApp Business API with integrated live agent

Pingbix helping DJT to Integrating WhatsApp to enable 2-way communication between brand and the user

DJT explored various options and zeroed in on the one that ensured maximum reach without introducing friction. Something which most customers already have on their mobile device – WhatsApp.

They deployed a Live Agent on WhatsApp which integrated with their backend systems that could provide the right product information, book service requests, locate a nearby store, and take customer feedback. For instance, a customer could easily start a chat with DJT to know more about DJT products or book a service request.

After testing and deploying the Live Agent to a segment of customers, the team focused on increasing awareness of DJT’s WhatsApp number and its benefits to customers. They used a variety of ways including:

1. Displaying the DJT WhatsApp number on their website.

2. Live Agent helping DJT to solve query of their clients on real time.

3. All brand social media handles display and regularly promote the DJT WhatsApp channel.

4. Automated reply helping DJT to save time and man hours by creating flow.

5. DJT sending offers and update via WhatsApp messages.

All this led to higher customer engagement with DJT on WhatsApp. This was further followed by a growth in the number of users engaged, opt-ins and conversions.

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