Automated and Customised voice communications

Pingbix offers an array of intelligently designed applications that adapt to the requirements of enterprises. Our voice messaging services include Outbound Dialing, Inbound Dialing, Missed Call and Voice OTP.
Built using state-of-the art tools answer each call immediately and engage customers in human-like conversations.


Pingbix IVR

Cloud Telephony

Experience the power of our cloud telephony services through our Voice services. Make

conversations contextual, intelligent and most importantly seamless just like human conversations.

Conversational IVR

The conversational flow is built to reach the customers as quickly and accurately as possible. Our state-of-the-art conversational IVR ensures your callers get the most relevant responses in human-like language, always.


Our product is trained on real calls to accurately understand the speaker’s words and respond naturally in the voice of a real customer support agent.

Call steering

Our NLP model understands what the user wants, objects specific to your application, and the caller’s sentiments from their speech.

IVR to Digital

With our product, you can answer customer calls with absolutely no delays and hand over the chat to an online agent for complex queries.

Robust support experiences with our Cloud telephony services

Time-saving and easy to integrate Voice AI’s that helps your customers connect to you through a free-flowing conversation with our voice chat, anywhere and anytime.

Engage with your customers using our Voice assistants

Allow your customers to speak freely in their preferred languages and respond to them in natural, human-like conversations. Our voice technology leverages AI speech recognition technology to understand multiple intents, dialects and accents, comprehend the context from previous chat history and personalise responses for higher engagement.

Engage and Acquire

customized and targeted messages


Result based SMS campaigns for better engagement and acquisition


Offer service excellence to user customers by sending important alerts

Secure OTP

A one-time password can be sent with fall-back mechanism on voice of email

Customized SMS

Customize messages for large lists of users with your data.

Why Pingbix

Affordable + Reliable + Result Oriented

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