Omnichannel marketing is the specialty of making customized and steady client encounters across every one of the channels and gadgets that individuals regularly use. Omnichannel marketing implies being accessible to your clients on SMS, WhatsApp, Email, RCS, voice and other informing applications, across different gadgets.

Offering various channels can enormously work on your open rates and advertising ROI.

Organizations with elevated degrees of omnichannel client engagement saw an ascent in yearly income of 9.5% year on year, contrasted with 3.4% for organizations with low degrees of omnichannel customer engagement.

Choose the right channel on the right occasion

Not all types of messages are suited for a particular channel. For example, if you want to send a contract or important instructions or messages regarding a resource, Email is best suited for such type of communication.

If you want to send offers, discounts, or promotions messages along with updates regarding appointments either containing documents or media, WhatsApp and Google verified SMS would be your go-to.

If you want to send a transactional message or an important message which has a level of urgency attached to it, then SMS should be your primary channel. This ensures that the customer will see the communication as soon as possible.

How to create a winning omnichannel marketing strategy

When creating a successful omnichannel marketing strategy, it is important to collect feedback, use social listening, and observe user behavior on all the channels to better understand the customers and their journey towards a purchase.

It is also important to keep your interactions relevant, easy to understand and brief. Make sure that all the information that gets passed around in the channels are meaningful and make sense.

Market research and data driven insights play a key role in the success of any campaign. It is important to regularly go back and have a look at your insights to see how your communication is being perceived and how well is it doing in the masses. It is also critical to gather data based on your insights to analyse your scope for improvement and important decision-making.


Studies show that companies adopting a solid omnichannel marketing strategy see a whopping 89% customer retention rates, compared to 33% for those with weaker omnichannel strategies. We think omnichannel strategies are extremely important because in addition to boosting revenues, and they can also help build your brand’s reputation and reduce churn among your employees.

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