Redefine travel experiences with effective customer communication

Booking Confirmations

Send automated booking confirmations to give your customers essential information about their travel along with a payment receipt and onboarding details.

Offers and Promotions

Promote travel package offers and exclusive vouchers via messaging or voice channels and boost your sales by enticing your customers to book instantly.

Customer Feedback

Automate the feedback process by sending survey links to your customers right after their travel, asking for feedback about your service and their experience with your brand.

Customer Support

Enable your customers to connect with your support team almost instantaneously via chat and voice channels and help them resolve their concerns instantly, round the clock.

Live Travel and Service Updates

Improve your customer service and keep your customers informed about any changes in their travel schedule. Send them real-time updates on any travel delays or service interruptions.

Mobile Tickets/Boarding Passes

Send secure and trackable mobile tickets or boarding passes via email, SMS, or WhatsApp that can be saved on your customersโ€™ phones and displayed when checking in at the airport or entering a venue.

Use multiple channels to communicate with your passengers effectively

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