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Travel service system IVR has inbuilt speech recognition, which identifies customers with a voice and queries and processes them further to the working professionals or their assistant.

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As Pingbix is a leading business communication suite, it makes sure to make its customers travel smooth and fun. To ensure all of it, customers are provided with their assistant who directs them about everything, and all the details of customers are verified and secured through Standard API.

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Give your chatbots the power of integrations

Multi Channel Interaction

Multiple platforms to interact with customers are available like Chatbot, Live Chat, Email, and SMS, helping customers clear their doubts about their traveling journey. /p>

Trouble Application

This helps manage all the customers' complaints and queries regarding their traveling destiny and all other formalities over SMS, Email, Calls, and chat. Every question is assigned a unique id, which is tracked until its closure.

Booking and Refund

The customer can directly interact with the professional for their refunds or book their required options over Livechat or Phone calls. Refund complaints will be registered at that very moment and will e tracked until it's completed.

Automated Status

Customers will be notified about their departure time, arriving time, and all other details over Notifications, SMS, or Email. Customers can also directly question the professional if they have any queries of their own.

Send a seamless multichannel notifications

Send notifications to customers without delay on their preferred channel using an automatic failover system for reliable delivery with out any travel interruption.


Notify customers over multi channels

Customers have to come across many formalities before planning their travel from departure time to their security. All of it has to be kept in mind before finalizing anything. To solve all of the mess, Pingbix comes to the rescue; all the queries and all the formalities are sorted and are provided to the customers according to their needs.

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