Single API for you're telehealth services

The health care service provides an automated omnichannel communication system, and IVR and AI Bots to ensure the interaction and process are successfully completed.

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Customized solutions to intergrate with your service

Pingbix being the leading business communication suite, makes sure to make its customers or patients experience pleasant and comfortable. To do so, text to speech facility, advanced multi channel communication, and Security analysis is provided.

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Healthcare solution enhancement

Virtual telehealth

Saves time and will reduce the risk of spreading any disease by making the interaction remotely through any communication channel. Sharing images, audio clips, and video clips make it more comfortable to interact.

Data Security

To ensure customers' or patients' data security, two-factor authentication is required, including OTP and password requirements known by the patient itself.

Multichannel Interaction

Multi-channel interactions shorten the communication limitation and enlarge the opportunity to interact with doctors and professionals according to the patient's or customers' requirements.

IVR Based Appointment

The doctor can interact with the patient from the hospital itself by announcing over the IVRs using text to speech, and customers can comfortably listen to it from their place.

Let us make you to connect your patients at most fast with our telehealth solutions for your business.

Send and validate OTPs at scale, to confirm patients appointments, IVR based appointments booking over a button press.


Telehealth is the fastest way to treat your patients

It has become quite crucial for health companies to provide excellent health support to their patients. To make sure that the patient or customer is comfortable and is not required to travel more for appointments and treatments. To make all of this a success, Pingbix has created this service, including omnichannel interaction and therapy, which helps both patients and healthcare specialists.

Pingbix has made sure to create a pleasant experience for everyone and is working accordingly.

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