A secure way to communicate with pingbix

Enterprise-grade security with two-step authentication and OTP is used and comfortable through standard API.

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Connect to clients, prevent fraud, and develop a strong relationships with multichannel communication and support.

As a leading business communication suite, it is our responsibility to ensure that the whole process is effective, easy, and secure. To ensure all database security is done, along with AI Chatbot for interaction is provided.

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Create a secure connected banking experience that builds lasting customer relationships.

Omnichannel Interaction

Connect with customers on the platform they prefer to connect on like SMS, Email, WhatsApp, etc. for better interaction and resolve all their doubts and queries.

Secure encrypted channel

To ensure secure communication and interaction between the customers and ourselves, end-to-end encrypted message security is used. To keep the data safe and among themselves.

FAQ Chatbot

A chatbot is built to answer frequently asked questions without any manual effort or double-check to answer them rapidly. This helps customers get a response in no time and allows Live working professionals to limit their load.

Security and client trust

Use two-factor authentication to protect client accounts, notify them about any suspicious activity, and to have a secure interaction. OTP login from another device.

Protect client information

Safeguard customers with two-factor authentication confirm identity via SMS codes. Made easy through our Verify API.


Pingbix works with your bank

Pingbix works with your bank and financial institute to provide you a class apart technology experience and next-gen solutions. We provide you digital banking solutions, mobile wallets, mobile banking solutions, cryptocurrency development and far more. We also provide you an insurance management portal to elevate your user experience while allowing you to scale back chances of error. Further more we do customer management solutions for seamless experience

Pingbix hands-down has come all the way to ensure this place to be comfortable for customers.

You're in good company