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E-Commerce service includes a 24*7 tracking system and standard API and AI Bots to ensure the process is sleek and comfortable.

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As Pingbix is a leading business communication suite, it makes sure to make its customers work effectively and receive their products accordingly in the given amount of time. To ensure it, an AI bot, Notification system, and security analysis are provided.

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Give your chatbots the power of integrations

Multiple channel support

Multiple channels like Voice Chat, ChatBot, SMS, Email, and Notification are seamlessly integrated into this feature to ensure a better experience.

Personalize Shopping

Brings conversational Bots to your business with simple chats to answer your questions and create an interaction behaviour among both, like notify you about the restock of a product.

Customers security

To ensure a secure customer database, we perform Two-step verification System verifying their identity and asking for OTP (ONE TIME PASSWORD) during login from other devices. All of this is made easy through Standard API.

Trouble Application

This feature makes sure to note down all the customers' queries and complaints, which can't be resolved at that very moment. To ensure all queries are answered, each question is assigned a unique id and is tracked until its closure.

Today we all are logical rather than being pointless believers


Today we all are logical rather than being pointless believers

Customers require complete 360-degree security while shopping online, and it might be quite tricky for the customer to completely trust all the websites. Pingbix keeping all of these factors in mind has come up with a completely secure experience for their customers, including OTP, Tracking system, personal assistant, and many more. Just so to make their customers feel entirely safe and stress-free.

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