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Car Dealer system includes omnichannel communication along with customizing options for customer's liking.

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As Pingbix is a leading business communication suite, it makes sure to make its customers experience feasible and flexible. And to ensure its customers are provided with their assistant for 24*7 consultancy and customers, data is secured and verified through Standard API.

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Multi-Lingual Channel

YConnect and interact with your customers on a channel they prefer to use and notify them about the increase and decrease in the price rate. Chatbot and Professionals are active 24*7 to help.

Personalised Options

Flow Reader is used for customizing the choices according to customers' needs and liking and automatically sending look-a-like listings to the customers who are indulged or are interested in your inventory.

Faq Chatbots

A chatbot is built to answer frequently asked questions by customers like opening hours or service costs, or inventory costs. Helps In getting frequent replies and lightens the load of the working professional team.

Personal Service and Chatbot

Chatbot provides a 24*7 virtual interactive feature to help customers with all their concerns and issues. Chatbot's questions are not able to deal with are forwarded over to the working professionals and are tracked with their unique id until they are closed.

High performance services to drive your dealerships to success.

Put simply, we power our automotive partners to attach with customers.


You should be on top of things of your business

Car dealing can be challenging to note every detail and update about car inventory and car dealers information.
Pingbix understands all of these issues and concerns distracting the customers.

They’ve come up with this feature to help them up, which keeps hold of every issue and notifies customers about every little detail.
Pingbix supports you till you are completely done and satisfied.
Pingbix is here to help you until the end.

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