Homeopathy in India has been synonymous with Dr Batra’s – the chain of modern homeopathy clinics that pioneered the use of technology to bring standardization to homeopathic healthcare solutions.

Dr Batra set up the first state-of-the-art branded homeopathy clinic in 1982. It is amongst the World’s largest homeopathic chain of clinics dedicated to the practice of classical homeopathy and conducting continuous medical education for in-house doctors. They are committed to offering the best of quality treatment and have set up international standards in homeopathic practice. The chain has grown from just a single clinic in Mumbai to over 200+ clinics in India, Bangladesh, UAE, and UK etc, with 400 doctors & having over 1 million patients treated so far.  A product company dealing with FMCG products for haircare, skincare, and personal care, the founder has been instrumental in driving the acceptance and adoption of a homeopathic line of treatments.

Problem statement :

To keep customers updated regarding their appointments

To secure customer transactions through additional authentication measures.

To run lead generation campaigns that invite new users to visit their site or download their app and to drive existing customers to reuse their services.

To keep customers updated with discounts and offers

The Solution:

Pingbix provided Mobile’s SMS solutions support various use-cases for Dr. Batra:

Transactional Notification & Alerts: We have assisted Dr. Batra to keep their customers updated and informed at every stage of their interaction with their chosen services. From availability status, order modifications, and order confirmations, appointment booking, customers receive SMS alerts with the relevant information from our SMS platform.

Authentication: For an organization, nothing is more important than customer confidence that their financial information is well secured, and also whatever leads Dr. Batra generates through different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Website would be verified. Pingbix delivers this confidence with its One Time Password (OTP) SMS solution. Every OTP message is monitored for delivery, provides verified leads etc. If for some reason the OTP is not delivered, an automated voice call is initiated to deliver the OTP to the customer.

Lead Generation: Pingbix also assisted Dr. Batra with their Promotional SMS messages aimed at driving more leads and promoting their services. Our SMS analytics tools helped Dr. Batra also retargets customers based on their responses driving faster conversions.

Micro-Targeting: In order to align messages to specific areas, Pingbix constructed campaigns where messages could be delivered specifically to chosen Pin Code. This helped Dr. Batra, micro-target its customers by creating highly localized promotional offers and content.

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