Real Time Messaging

Real-time messaging: How is it beneficial and How to use it

Today, customers expect to communicate with businesses instantly. They want their queries to be
answered fast and without any hold. That’s where Real-time messaging comes into play to provide a
positive customer experience.
Tools like Email and Phone calls can be great to reach out to your customers and resolve their
queries but because of the built of this tool you can’t constantly go back and forth in real time. For
instance, while it is possible to revert instantly through emails, it also means composing the
complete Email subject and body all over again. Similarly, for Phone calls it is only possible to reply
quickly if you stay on the call for long durations of time or constantly follow up with your customers.
These processes can minimise efficiency and can also prove to be bothersome to your customers.
So when it comes to addressing customer queries and concerns, businesses need a more efficient
and immediate source to rely on.

So lets understand, What is Real-time Messaging?

As the name suggests, Real-time messaging is any online messaging that happens in real-time. Data
is sent directly and instantly from the sender to the receiver and is not stored en route to the
This can be done between two or more participants. For instance, between as customer and a
customer agent or between a human customer and an automated chatbot.
Lets understand the two kinds of communications that come into the picture when messaging
So, first there is the Asynchronous communications, such as email or voicemail, which always
involves some form of data storage between the source of communication and the destination of
delivery. As mentioned earlier, in these cases, there is some anticipated delay between sending and
receiving the message.
While in Synchronous communications, both parties are in the chat at the same time,
communications flow in a single chat interface unlike emails where several threads may exist and
finally the whole process can lead to quick and effective communications.
Live chat, that typically relies on live agents and chatbots, provides real time communication to its
customers which in turn, gives them the feel of synchronous communications.

Applications for Businesses

Businesses have been reaping the benefits of Real-time messaging for years on end now. It enables
them to give faster and better service to their customers.
Real-time messaging provides a digital touchpoint for your customers which in turn, saves a lot of
your employees time and enables a cohesive and organised workflow. It can be frustrating to
customers to not be able to connect to a source that resolves their conflicts so having an accessible
and easy to use touchpoint can promote towards positive customer experience.
Additionally, investing in real-time messaging can have a huge impact on your customer engagement
and brand impression. Companies that made this investment saw top-line revenue growth of 70% on

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time engagement. At Pingbix, we aim to spearhead this accelerating trend with our innovative,
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