Cloud Telephony Solutions for your Business communication

Connect with your customers at scale using OBD, IBD, Missed Call, Customized IVRs along with VMN (virtual mobile number) and Toll-Free numbers.

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Design intuitive customer experience flows

Pingbix, a market-leading voice solution, offers you enterprise-grade, AI-powered speech technologies that enable you to create an interactive voice response (IVR) and speech solutions.

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Cloud Telephony Solutions for your Business

Conversational IVR

Add the power of a natural, intuitive self-service conversational IVR that customers will prefer to use.


Pingbix's Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology delivers a human-like, personalized user experience.

Call Steering

Use your voice with the NLP solution that lets your customers use their own words to describe why they're calling.

IVR to Digital

Shift callers between channels seamlessly. Move callers from IVR to Digital channels for a far better customer experience.

Complete solution to enhance your customer calling experience

Artificial Intelligence enabled cloud telephony solutions for your business. Automate your customer communication with advanced speech recognition, analytics and reporting.


Why type when we talk

With Pingbix's voice marketing services, you will get your business structure completely under voice control because it is the innovation of out of the box thinking.

Enthusiastically synthesize cross-unit technology for sticky results.

Progressively productize vertical alignments after sticky process improvements. Competently scale transparent methods of empowerment and visionary products.

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