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Our Live chat includes a working professional of the industry, 24*7 ready to help out the customers.

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Design intuitive customer experience flows

As Pingbix is a leading business communication suite, it makes sure to make their customers experience flow flexibly. To ensure it, these working professionals are introduced and AI-based Bot to ultimately help out. Balance AI automation and therefore the human touch Our real-time live chat can help you to generate leads, create help tickets, and chat across channels

Give your chatbots the power of integrations

professional Overlook

Live Chat includes interaction with the working professional of our industry. They engage with their customers directly and resolve the issues accordingly.


Customers can customize their live chat experience according to their needs. Multiple options are available under this category.

Multi-lingual Support

Customers worldwide are not all flexible in International language; to make their experience worthwhile, Live chat includes selection according to their language, which will help the customers engage correctly with the professional.

Easy query sharing

Customers can share their data as in Screenshots, Docx files, email to the Professional during the live chat. So the complete process is significant, and all the doubts are cleared correctly.

A Revolutionary new way to engage and support your customers across multiple channels


Easy integration

Customers have to come across many issues during their interaction with different websites, including other fields, and mostly a Chatbot helps. Still, some problems can not be resolved by so. Pingbix keeps all of it in mind and has made sure to help its customers by introducing a Livechat experience where working professionals interact directly with them and help them out.

Pingbix is all in to help you out to build up your future and make it a success.

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