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Our Chatbot is powered by neural network artificial intelligence modules that require minimal efforts.

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As a leading business communication suite, our responsibility is to make sure our customer's interaction with the Chatbot is simple and effective. To make the process easy, Pingbix introduced Automate customer interaction with AI-based Conversations that solve the customer's problem in real-time.

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Give your chatbots the power of integrations

Pre set Algorithm

Our system uses pre-saved algorithms, including data types and low-level language processing, to understand customers' context and answer them accordingly.

Human-like interaction

Already fed data to instruct the Chabot and improve customers' experience and bot's experience to sound more like a human. /p>

Multi language

A Chabot can engage with all the customers worldwide in the language of their choice, with intelligent language switching.

AI Learn

The Chabot is an AI Agent and interacts with customers through past experiences, which increases the percentage of doubt resolve and better understanding.

The power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The new way to support and retain more customers, increase sales, and improve satisfaction, with chatbots and live chat technology


Pre-set Algorithms

Customers face a lot of issues and problems during their interaction with a new website. Pingbix keeps all of these issues in mind and has built up a reliable and supportive Chatbot, making sure to solve all the doubts of their customers and further process the data to the professionals working in Pingbix.

Pingbix stands with you all the time and helps you build up your dreams into reality.

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