Magento Pingbix API Extension

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Magento ecommerce development

Magento Pingbix Extension

Magento Pingbix Extension provides facility to notify customers about various order status activities through text messages.


  • Any SMS Gateway API Supported to send different order notifications
  • Option to set a custom message for different store events
  • Send Dynamic notification using Dynamic variable fields
  • Admin can add a mobile number to get notified of each store updates
  • OTP at Registration and OTP Before Checkout Feature   
  • New Feature for Cancel Order SMS
  • Easy to use Shipment tracking variables in the shipping notification
  • REST API Available / GraphQL API Available
  • Compare all four plans of SMS Notification

Engage and Acquire

customized and targeted messages


Result based SMS campaigns for better engagement and acquisition


Offer service excellence to user customers by sending important alerts

Secure OTP

A one-time password can be sent with fall-back mechanism on voice of email

Customized SMS

Customize messages for large lists of users with your data.

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