Whatsapp business api

Engage with your customers on the world’s most popular chat app.
WhatsApp for Business APIs
Join 5 million other businesses on WhatsApp. Connect with over 2 billion users on the world’s most
popular app with WhatsApp Business API. Improve the quantity and the quality of your interactions
and build meaningful relationships with your customers through our WhatsApp for Business API
Widen your reach
Send automated transactional messages to customers round the clock and raise your customer
service game. Proactively share updates, reminders, and other notifications to segmented uses for
specific targeting. Use WhatsApp chatbot to collect feedback, send event invites and upsell your
24×7 availability
Make sure all your customer queries are answered through this all encapsulating platform. Use
templates for auto-replies, build flows to send quick replies and manage agent productivity by
automating your work flows.
Send rich messages
Send rich and graphic messages through your WhatsApp chat. Create rich content with media
elements such as images, videos, maps, etc. to improve customer experience.
Add a personal touch to your messages
The WhatsApp for Business API and Pingbix’s integrations can sync your customer database to pull
the user’s name, location and last conversation history to personalise the messages for every

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