Google Verified SMS

Makes SMS more friendly for business text messages received on Android by displaying your brand and authenticating that the message was sent by you.


Why Pingbix

Maintain the authenticity of your brand and increase your brand awareness

With Verified SMS, we send an authentication key (1-way hash) to Google that is used by the

Android Messages app to verify the message. The authentication key is generated based upon your

company’s sender identity, the message text, and the message recipient’s phone number. When the

message is received, the Messages app generates the same authentication key and verifies the key

with Google.

Brand Logo- A unique brand logo that amplifies your brand identity 

Verification- Information about the brand profile and verification by Google  

Spam filters- Spam and fraudulent messages can be detected and eliminated at the get-go.

Detailed Reports- You get detailed information about the spam, delivered, and unverified messages.

Using verified messages, you can add brand awareness and credibility to make the messages more

trustworthy to the end-users. Despite verifying the brand that sends messages to the customer,

spam filtration is also available in verified messaging. You can connect with your customers on their

terms by enabling Google Business Messages through Pingbix’s conversational message platform.

Engage and Acquire

customized and targeted messages


Result based SMS campaigns for better engagement and acquisition


Offer service excellence to user customers by sending important alerts

Secure OTP

A one-time password can be sent with fall-back mechanism on voice of email

Customized SMS

Customize messages for large lists of users with your data.

Why Pingbix

Affordable + Reliable + Result Oriented

Get a deeper understanding of your customers. SaasLand Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your business in one place.

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