Whatsapp Cloud API
Whatsapp Cloud API
WhatsApp Business Cloud API: How to change the way you communicate

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging channel across the world, with about
1.5 billion users globally and with the availability in over 180 countries, WhatsApp is the most
popular messaging app with a 98% open rate.

Businesses can leverage its popularity by expanding their reach to WhatsApp chats, Pingbix has
optimised its offering by consolidating an easy and reliable access to the service.

What can you do with this API?

WhatsApp Business API adds a wide range of marketing capabilities to your marketing toolbox and
opens a ton of opportunities, including:

Sending transactional messages (order confirmations) and alerts (e.g. appointment
reminders, shipping updates, promotional messages i.e., discounts and coupons)

Providing real-time customer support, round the clock.

Answering FAQs via automated responses
Sending WhatsApp marketing messages and updates

The WhatsApp Business API is a robust integration, built for mid-sized and large businesses with
bigger customer care teams and more complex customer engagement tactics. You’d be able to
communicate directly with each customer as needed, providing better customer experience and
saving time thanks to the automation capabilities.

WhatsApp helps you connect globally, no matter the place or time

WhatsApp is already known and loved by numerous people around the world. It is very common for a user to reach out to the app first when it comes to connecting with their family and friends. So it will make perfect sense for businesses to connect to their customers in a similar fashion. Moreover, by communicating with customers on a platform they regularly use, businesses can benefit from high open rates.
With hundreds of apps and social media platforms, the last thing customers need is
to add another communication channel to their list, just to connect with your business. Plus, the
added trouble of connecting to your customers on a less popular channel is not at all appeasing nor
is it lucrative. Therefore, by contacting customers at their convenience you ensure that customers
can easily see the message even when they are on-the-go.

Reaching a global audience is now easier to achieve thanks to Whatsapp Business API. It allows you
to reach out to clients from every time zone, throughout the day, even outside of your open hours.

Get a secure experience

WhatsApp provides a 100% secured experience thanks to the complete end-to-end encryption. That means, the involved 3rd parties can see their chat messages and nobody else can.
WhatsApp protects your data which includes chats, documents, status updates, photos, videos,
voice messages, and calls via its end-to-end encryption.

What you need to get started
1. You need a Facebook Business Manager ID (with the complete log-in credentials)

2. An active phone number

3. And finally, you need to sign up with us so that we can set up for WhatsApp enterprise

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