Cloud Telephony service
Cloud Telephony service
Cloud Telephony service: Growth ascent or descent for your business?

Cloud Telephony service: Growth ascent or descent for your business?

Cloud telephony is also known as cloud calling or cloud communication. It is a type of unified
communications as a service (UCaaS), bringing various communication systems and collaboration
tools together, offering voice communication services through a third-party host, a cloud telephony
service provider. It is a web or application-based communication platform providing remote access
via the internet. It replaces conventional, expensive, and time-consuming on-premise telephone
systems with advanced, cost-effective, and quick remote telephone systems that can be accessed
from any computer or mobile device having an internet connection. It is also known as a VoIP-based
hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) solution that moves business phone service to the cloud.

Why do businesses need cloud telephony?

They provide numerous solutions to accelerate your business’s growth and provide numerous
benefits like:

 Support For Remote Working
 Customer Support
 Easy Scalability
 Robust Security and Stability
 Latest Upgrades All the Time

Support for Remote Working

When employees are working remotely, it might become a bit tricky to cater to the demands of your
customers from a distance. Cloud telephony comes with numerous advanced features such as video
conferencing, screen-sharing, call recording, video conferencing, and more that help employees
collaborate with each other seamlessly.

Customer Support

When the company’s customer base grows to mandate the setting up of a dedicated call center,
cloud telephony features such as IVR (interactive voice response), auto-attendants, missed call
features for customers, or even call forwarding through the web RTC, among several others, prove
useful; setting up toll-free numbers for customer service is a breeze with our cloud solution.

Easy Scalability

Helps to manage your workforce, which ensures that companies pay only for what they use, keeping
the expenses commensurate with their usage of the product. The provision to easily scale the usage
results in optimization of the expenditure for the company.

Robust Security and Stability

Our solution comes with a cloud-based repository where corporates can access their content and
data from anywhere without having to worry about security. A 99.99 percent uptime is guaranteed
to all our customers.

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