Welcome to Pingbix, where we're all about making communication a breeze!

Welcome to Pingbix, where we're all about making communication a breeze!

We take immense pride in being your go-to partner in the CPAAS (Communication Platform as a Service) industry.  It all began when we started as Colourtext Digital Solutions Private Limited on April 16, 2018. Our journey led us to the birth of Pingbix in October 2020, and ever since, our philosophy has been simple: Businesses should be able to chat with their customers as easily as they chat with their nearest and dearest.


At the heart of Pingbix lies a passion for customer satisfaction. Our unwavering dedication revolves around the belief that we can simplify communication for businesses worldwide, ensuring that every interaction is as smooth as a friendly conversation. 


What sets us aglow is our versatile toolkit—a robust suite of streamlined APIs and an omnichannel platform that puts the “user-friendly” back in communication. Whether you prefer the charm of SMS, the reach of WhatsApp Business API, the reliability of email, or the warmth of voice communication through IVR and OBD, we’ve got it all, and then some! Pingbix is all about giving you the means to connect seamlessly with your clients. 

But here’s the real twist: We’re not just here to offer you a communication lifeline; we’re here to integrate it into your world. Pingbix plays well with others, effortlessly weaving our platform into industry-leading solutions like Shopify, Zoho, Hubspot, Leadsquared Webenage, and a host of others. With Pingbix, you can trust that your communication needs will not only be met but exceeded.

Our Vision

In a world where businesses cultivate meaningful connections with consumers through tailored and personalised conversations.


Our Mission

Our unwavering mission is to craft the pinnacle of conversational engagement platforms, driven by relentless innovation, and a profound commitment to delivering unparalleled customer delight.

Our Belief

We hold a firm conviction that virtually every business and brand operating within emerging markets must embrace the imperative of constructing immersive conversational experiences. This steadfast belief is rooted in our unwavering commitment to meeting consumers where they naturally gravitate – the realm of dynamic and engaging conversations.

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